portable water tank epoxy coating

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Potable Water Coating is formulated as a high build system and reinforced with proprietary additives for physical strength.


ADVANTAGES OF Epoxy coating water tank

Potable water is an essential foodstuff. That request absolute clean and watertight facilities to process and store it. Waterproofing of reservoirs and tanks containing potable waters must not only be watertight over long periods, but shall also be easy maintainable, food safe, and harmless to health. Sika waterproofing products used in potable water reservoirs and tanks comply with the strict regulations of public water authorities. Food and beverage industry rely on high performance of Sika waterproofing systems in their process water tanks. As the global leader in providing structural waterproofing solutions, Sika has the most complete and comprehensive range of products and systems, that are designed and can be adapted to meet the specific needs and requirements of owners of water reservoirs, architects, engineers and contractors on site.


VARIOUS INTERNAL WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS that are in direct contact with potable water must fulfill stringent requirements regarding hygiene, durability, exposure and stress conditions, construction method and sequence, ease of application and total cost management. This is required as potable water out of natural resources is our most essential foodstuff. Potable water, stored in reservoirs need to be protected to keep it clean. Water reservoirs or tanks in any form to store potable water must be watertight. The waterproofing of reservoirs and tanks must fulfill demands of long service life

Depending to water source, potable waters in various regions differs in quality referring content of minerals,     pH value, water temperature conditions and treatment of waters with chemicals by local reservoir holders. Water-holding structures, such as water reservoirs and water treatment facilities, mainly made of reinforced concrete- or steel structures, are exposed to various influences:

  • Low pH value as well as soft water attacks   cementitious substrates
  •  Temperature variations may cause cracks in concrete
  • Stray currents may accelerate hydrolytic corrosion
  • Chlorine treatment and disinfectants of water to keep   the water clean
  • Alkalinity of concrete may influence the pH value of   water
  • Micro-organisms, algae and fungi may influence the   water hygiene
  • Water turbulences request solutions to prevent   washing out effects

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